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The Chronicles of the Chreo Jik'harroi 1997, 1999-present
A tabletop role-playing campaing (a la Dungeons and Dragons) in the Earthdawn system, the campaign has been running for a while quite successfully. I'm quite pleased with it.

Broadway's On The Rocks II - 1997, 1999-present
A LARP, being written by A Bright Green Dragon LARPs, the pages are being hosted here at D.M.E. because D.M. is one of the authors of the LARP. (LARP = Live Action Role-Playing. Think of Dungeons&Dragons, only acting it out.)

Linux at Wellesley College - 1999
In the spring semester of 1999, D.M. did an independant study on how to set up a mostly standard Intel PC as a web/internet server. Because she didn't have a clue at the time, and most of the CS department at Wellesley didn't either, she used RedHat Linux 5.2, and proceeded to make a series of web pages discussing how to set up a server at Wellesley.

The documents are preserved in posterity here for any other Wellesley students who get thoroughly fed up with the standard college servers.

Created: April 4, 2000
Last updated: August 3, 2001