SSH: Secure SHell

Telnet is inherently screwed up. It is inherently screwed up because it sends your password in the clear, which allows anyone with a packet sniffer and access to your packets the ability to sniff your password. This, in a word, sucks.

This is why telnet is disabled on Ariel. You should be using SSH instead - SSH encrypts all the stuff that it's sending to and receving from Ariel, which means that nobody can sniff what's going out over the wire. However, if you're getting to Ariel from a system that isn't Unix, you need a Windows or Macintosh SSH client, and instructions on how to set it up.

That's what this page is.


  1. Download NiftyTelnet SSH
  2. Install it.
  3. Now wasn't *that* easy...


  1. Download TeraTerm Pro 2.3.
  2. Download TTSSH 1.5.1.
  3. Install the TeraTerm Pro software on your computer, and pay attention to where you put it.
  4. Unzip the TTSSH 1.5.1 file into the same directory as TeraTerm Pro.
  5. Answer yes whenever it asks if you want to overwrite a file.
  6. Instead of clicking on the TeraTerm icon, click on TTSSH when you want to connect to Ariel.
  7. Make sure to check the SSH radio button instead of the Telnet button, and you're all set.

Last updated: May 31, 2000
Maintained by: Juniper