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Dragon Mage Enterprises? Where did that come from?

In 1991, the company founder made her first foray into the world electronic-information exchange. In other words, she logged in to a BBS for the first time. (A BBS is an electronic bulletin board system, a place where people post messages and programs for exchange.) At the time, logging in to a BBS meant that a user needed a handle or alias, and the local BBSs were dominated by the 13-17 year old male crowd.

To defuse any sexism before it started, she picked a gender neutral alias, Dragon Mage, and set about entrenching herself on a BBS run by her friend Star Gazer. (SG now runs his own boxes on the web, they can be found at By avoiding any references to her gender, she avoided any sexism that might have come her way. And six months later, nobody really cared whether or not Dragon Mage was female or not, since she was generally accepted by that point.

A year later, Mosaic came on the scene and completely altered the way the world looked at the Internet. All of a sudden, it wasn't just text that was being passed around across the ether. DM's high school got a grant from one of the local ISPs to install a SLIP line to the 'Net, and being a friend of the system administrator (SG again,) DM was one of the first people to get an account.

She made her first page less than a month later and called it "The Lair of the Dragon Mage," a title her pages have kept to this day. By the time she got to college, there was a lot of information on her pages; having begun making them when content was actually an issue and HTML wasn't an incredibly fancy language, she never got into the habit of making lots of pretty pages that were nothing but links. (Yes, that was a low blow. We still won't take it back.)

Then a random kid from somewhere out west sent DM a nasty, poorly written and un-spell-checked letter with all sorts of grammatical errors. And he demanded that she either stop using the name Dragon Mage or put a disclaimer on her pages, because he was starting a company sometime soon under the name Dragon Mage Inc. DM was not impressed, and fired back a short letter telling him that she'd been using the name for a long time, thank you very much, and that if he was so bothered by it, he could put the disclaimer on his pages.

The kid was never heard from again, but as a joke, DM started attaching the name "Dragon Mage Enterprises" to whatever web projects she happened to be working on at the time. And there it stayed until her senior year of college, when she did an independent study in system administration. An aged Win95 Pentium named "Ariel" for the spirit in William Shakespeare's Tempest got converted into a RedHat Linux Pentium and was dubbed, and then,

And from there, things just kept going. After graduation, the final hookup of a DSL box allowed to go live again, and continue the services she had offered previously (under the incarnation) and DM settled down to run her random little company.

...Which is where things stand today.

Created: August 23, 1999
Last updated: August 23, 1999